STYLE IN REVOLT | 12.17.2021 - 03.20.2022 | NOW OPEN | 

STYLE IN REVOLT | 12.17.2021 - 03.20.2022 | NOW OPEN | 

Dec 12 2020 - Jan 14 2021

Orient Flux By Weirdcore

Past Event

First major exhibition from London based visual artist Weirdcore

ORIENT FLUX is a singular voyage through time and space created by groundbreaking audio-visual artist Weirdcore. Innovative and immersive the exhibition is set within the liminal space of an imagined airport of the future; it draws on the audio-visual terrain of 1970s and 80s sci-fi absorbing subverting and recontextualising iconic cinematic tropes and graphic language and nodding to themes of art history surveillance surrealism travel and time. The exhibition comprises seven interconnected installations each one a unique and cohesive multi-sensory experience. The spatio-temporal journey begins and ends in the STELLAR LOUNGE an ambient portal before proceeding through a series of labyrinthine mazes immersive graphic art installations and otherworldly atmospheric experiences culminating in a rapid trip through China’s vivid history on the TRANS-AEON EXPRESS.  

Weirdcore is a London-based visual artist who specialises in creating audio-visual spectacles for the music industry’s foremost artists. Innovative and influential he works at the intersection of live visuals motion graphics and film manipulating code and cutting-edge technology to produce three-dimensional multi-sensory experiences. His signature aesthetic was born out of London’s underground art and music scene in which he was a recurring fixture for several decades. Now he brings his digital exploration of the contemporary subconscious to audiences around the world. 


The Stellar Lounge

Orient Flux is a singular voyage through time and space created by groundbreaking audio-visual artist Weirdcore. 


There’s a labyrinth-like portal where visitors are ‘decontaminated’ by a wash of coloured lasers against a backdrop of atmospheric soundscapes.

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