STYLE IN REVOLT | 12.17.2021 - 03.20.2022 | NOW OPEN | 

STYLE IN REVOLT | 12.17.2021 - 03.20.2022 | NOW OPEN | 



Security and privacy policy (being called ‘policy’ hereafter’) applies to all the products and services provided on this website. If we and our related company used product or services provided by this website without setting independent privacy policy, this policy also applies to such products or services.

Before using or browsing various products or services from this website, please read this policy carefully and understand thoroughly, and use them after fully understanding and agreement. The act of browsing or usage on this website via various ways will be considered as acceptance to all the contents of this policy. If any doubts, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact information we provided on our website.

I. Personal Information We May Collect

With your consent, your personal information (including, if applicable, sensitive personal information) related to the purposes stated in this policy will be collected.

II. Minimum Age Limit

Protecting the security and privacy of children is extremely important to us. We do not accept any submission or order submitted by any person under the age of 16 or under any other age limit stipulated by the law of the country in which he/she resides. We will not knowingly collect or use his/her personal information.


(1) The Use of Your Personal Information 

We will handle your personal information (including, if applicable, sensitive personal information) only with your consent and only with a legal “just cause” (or legal basis).

(2) Disclosure of Your Personal Information

We will respond to requests for personal information in accordance with legal provisions or when permitted by law, or when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or comply with judicial procedures, court orders, supervisory authority requirements or any other legal procedures we are involved with around the world.

(3) Overseas Data Transmission

Your personal information may be transferred from the country where you live to other countries (especially the countries where we operate, such as France, Italy, Switzerland and the United States) (only with your consent); some of these countries are considered by the European Commission to have adequate information protection protocols, while other countries do not.

(4) Security

We attach great importance to the security of our users’ personal information. We have taken specific technical and organizational security measures to protect personal information from accidental or illegal damage, accidental loss, alteration, and unauthorized disclosure or access. In order to protect the personal information beyond our control as well as possible, your electronic devices should be protected (for example, through an updated anti-virus system), and your internet service provider should take appropriate measures to ensure the security of your network data transmissions (for example, through installing a firewall and spam filtering).

IV. Related Statements

When you are carrying on any activity that related with our website (including but not limited to accessing, browsing, using, copying, reprinting, advocating etc.), it is not allowed to damage the legal rights of this website, no matter being on purpose or by mistake. It is anyway not allowed to use this website to carry on any activity against Chinese laws, regulations and social morals. You are kindly suggested to obey the following commitments, otherwise our website reserves the right to investigate your legal duty according to law.

1. Transmission and usage of information of this website should obey Chinese Law and Regulations, International conventions, public orders and morals;

2. It is not allowed to use this website and its related services under illegal or improper context.

3. Please do not interfere this website and its related network services.

4. The contents of this website, including all the pictures, images, videos, software, words, figures, brands & logos, press buttons, key words, labels and total appearances (being called ‘content’ for short”, are protected by Chinese laws & regulations and International copyright treaty. Without the written consent of this website, do not copy, download, link, illegally use or reproduce, etc.

For this website, we don’t guarantee the stability of the server; we don’t guarantee that you can browse, read, copy and use this website at any time. Also, we don’t guarantee there are no typing or other input errors.

Under any circumstances, for any loss, no matter directly or indirectly, no matter being incidental or harmful to the third party (including but not limited to profit loss, data loss, property damages etc.)  that caused by the use or inaccessibility of this website, this website will not be held responsible.

This policy should be explained according to Chinese laws and be dominated by the same. Any dispute regard to this policy will be subject to jurisdiction of the Court located in the area where Beijing Hualian Department Store Co., Ltd is registered.